Organizational Capacity

Based upon a strategic plan developed in 2006, GNET scope of services stands extended from central information, advisory and training agency to community outreach, technical and social support visits and training. In a context of declining infrastructure and rapidly escalating costs, we were over extended and unable to meet the expectations of community clients. Hence GNET has narrowed its focus to the provision of central services that focus on informing, resourcing, training and empowering local leaders and development activists. This revised scope and mode of operation will be developed through a new strategic plan to be undertaken in 2012-2013.

GNET has a local, provincial base, but has the capacity and quality of services and products to work at regional and national levels.


GNET Training Centre is on its way to convert unemployed raw youth into earning skilled workers like cooks, front office executives, housekeeping experts and thus infusing a sense of confidence in them so that they could become an integral part of the Hotel and Hospitality Industry.

  • A skilled team of Information and Publication professionals and trainees.
  • Core management staff.
  • A team experienced community educators, course writers and trainers with strong peer support networks across the country and region.
  • Technical, program and management support through short term advisers.
  • A growing list of associates, linking the expertise, technical and moral support of Large Institutions and visiting professionals with our local programs.