Benefits of Biochemic Medicines

I want to explain the benefits of Biochemic medicines in as simple form as possible.

    1. The biochemic medicines are only 12 in numbers as compared to homeopathic medicines which are in thousand and still more and more being discovered.
    1. The biochemic medicines can be used as single remedy or may be combined or alternated.
    1. Biochemic medicines can be used along with other pathies without disturbing the effects of remedies of other pathies. Bio chemic remedies rather help in improving the health of personwhen given with other remedies of other pathies.
    1. They are protective as well as curative. They built up our immune system as well as cure diseases.

The Biochemic remedies are discovered by DR. SCHUESSLER in Germany in the year 1878. As homeopathy was also discovered by DR. HAH ANE MANN in same century earlier in Germany, DR. SCHUESSLER found that diseases are caused by deficiency of these medicines in body. These medicines are also called salts which are only 12 in numbers. Following are the names of the medicines as well as salts containing in these medicines.


1 Calcareafluorica CF Calcium fluorica Hardened tendency of glands in body
2 Calcareaphosphorica CP Phosphate of lime Bone tonic. Given to babies for smooth teeth and bones growth.
3 Calcareasulphorica CS Sulphate of calcium Skin rashes, boils , acne
4 Ferrumphospherica FP Phosphate of iron Controls iron deficiency , anaemia
5 Kali mureticum KM Chlorite of potassium Indigestion from fatty foods
6 Kali phosphoricum KP Phosphate of potassium Brain fag or weak
7 Kali sulphoricum KS Sulphate of potash Discharges-yellow and feted
8 Magnesia phosphorica MP Phosphate of magnesia Cramps
9 Natrummureticum NM Sodium chloride Watery discharges, effects of using excessive salts
10 Natrumphosphorica NP Phosphate of soda Acidity
11 Natrumsulphoricum NS Sulphate of soda Liver problems
12 Silicea SIL Selicious(silica) Unhealthy skin. Skin heals with great difficulties