Materia Medica of Pain – Part 1

MATERIA MEDICA OF PAIN (broad and essential)

ALEO -The rectal symptoms usually determines its choice. Pain around naval, worse by pressure, fullness, heaviness, bloated and hotness in abdomen. Great collection of flatus. He does not know stool will pass or flatus will pass. A great remedy for hemorrhoids anus protrude like grapes. Burning pain in anus better by cold water. Pain in all limbs, joints soles while walking. Lumbago alternating with pain in head and rectum.

ALUMINA- Constipation and stool hard and difficult. Even soft stool does not come out easily. Painful urging much before stool. pain in shoulders, arms, fingers seems paralyzed. Legs sleep while sitting, legs crossed, heels feel much numb, soles tender, swollen, soft, difficulty in walking

AMMONIUM CARB- useful for stout women who always feel tired and weak. Pain better on lying on painful side or on stomach side, better in dry weather

ANACARDIUM- all pains are better by eating something, lack of interest in life, depression, forgetfulness, lack of confidence, neurasthenia, nervous dyspepsia.

APIS MELLIFICA- remedy for edema. Pain is like stinging bee , swelling, rosy, puffing, burning, heat, worse by touch, constricted sensation

ARGENTUM NITRICUM- pain from sugar, desire for sweets, pains increase and decrease gradually.

ARNICA-best for internal injury with black or blue spots, blood collects after injury, pain to touch, fear or shock from injury, muscular swelling by injury. Heat in head and coldness in body, sore and bruished feelings.

ARS ALB- burning pains, unquenchable thirst for cold water in small quantities, Fear of death, low vitality, constant fear and worry. pain from decayed food and fruit. Great anguish and restlessness and weakness. Pain better by warmth. Worst y cold. Emaciation and general debility

ASEFOETIDA- stomach pain in night.

ABROTINUM – pain of joints. Marasmus with great emaciation. Legs are very thin. Always hungry. Joints are stiff, swollen with pricking sensation. Wrists and ankle joints painful

ACONITE – pain from cold, dry, north west winds. Pain are intolerable, restlessness with great fear. Fear of death. Sudden acute pain in cold and dry wind.

AESCULUS- very painful and dry haemmoroids. Severe, dull backache. Ache in hips, legs- all due to hemorrhoids.

AGRICUS- pain, burn, itching due to frost bite and exposure to cold. Cold felt on face. Most pain arise from cold. Person is very sensitive to cold.

BARYATA CARB-pain in tonsils- chronic swelling of tonsils and their ruptures

BAPTESIA-bruised soreness, fetid odor from any part of the body

BELLODONA – neuralgic pain coming and going suddenly. red and sore pain. No thirst, fear and anxiety sudden headache. First remedy of headache. High fever. High blood pressure.

BELLIS PERENNUS-pain from deep injury like surgery-sprains, acne, boils all over body, floor bruised feelings. It is more or less like arnica.

BENZOIC ACID-pain in knee and toes due to uric acid in urine. Highly coloured urine. Offensive smell

BERBERIS VULGARIS-pain change in places rapidly, sometimes thirsty and other time non thirsty, sometimes hungry and sometimes no desire to eat, pain in kidney. Urinary trouble- stones in gall bladder or kidney. Vesicle troubles, liver troubles, promotes flow of bile , pain and burning while urination. Worse standing

BORAX-pain dread of downward motion. Burning in all complaints. Pain in heel and toe. Pain in going upstairs.

LANCIOLAPUS-right side pain
LACHESIS-left side pain

BRYONIA-all pain better by motion all pain are worse by rest. Joints painful, swollen, stiff, better by pressure, lying on painful side

CALCARIA CARB -pain worse by cold. Dampness in any form. Joint pains, constitution is phlegmatic, fat, fair, Flabby. Sweat in head

CALCARIA FLOUR -a great remedy for hard nodules, hardness, pain in stony glands, varicose veins, hard knots in breast. Pain in back, pain in piles, pain in anus. Hard and painful tumor. Remove malnutrition of bones. Cure cataract. Pain and burning in throat. Better by warm and worse by cold.

CALCARIA PHOS- helps in teething troubles of babies. Help in decaying teeth and bones. Help in union of bones after fracture. Help in anemic conditions and feeble digestion of children. Help in numbness and crawling in body.

CALCARIA IODUM-enlarged glands, tonsils, thyroids, enlarge at the time of puberty. Flabby children. Cough after catching cold

CALCARIA SULF-cysts, tumors glands, fibroids, inflammation with thick yellow pus and discharge

CAMPHOR- rheumatic pain, numbness, tingling, coldness, cracking in joints, icy cold feet, aching, pain as if sprained , especially when body is very cold. Asiatic cholera

CANTHRIS-burning pain in any part of the body i.e. in eye, mouth, skin, urine, anus etc. burning is better by cold application or cold water. Great thirst

CAPSICUM-for weak sluggish and fat body. Burning in tongue, throat, stomach, intense craving for stimulants. Much thirst. But drinks cause shuddering. It has marked tendency for suppuration

CARBO ANABILIS- pain for lifting and straining anything. Easy dislocation. Pain in joints in right side, burning and griping pain in stomach with empty feeling. Liking for fat food. Sore water from mouth.

CARDUUS MAR- pain and soreness in liver and gall bladder. Jaundice. All pains are related to liver problems. Best remedy for gall stones. Often no surgery is required

CARBO VEG-patient is fat , weak, sluggish, has chronicity to his complaints, wants fanning, lower in spirits, body is cold, head is hot. Body becomes blue and sometimes cold. Desire much air, open windows. Body is weak, gets cold sweat. Has never recovered from past illness. Everything he eats turns into gas. Head feels hot and heavy. Eructation, heaviness, fullness in abdomen, sleepiness. Flatulence in upper part, worse by lying down. Eructation and flatulence are putrid. Pain in chest due to gas. Food putrefies before it is digested. pain troubles start after half an hour after eating . milk, meat and fat food disagree. Epigastria region sensitive. Pain in stomach, liver, chest due to gas. Pain after stools. Piles sore and painful. Extremities cold. Morning and evening cough with or without expectoration

CAUSTICUM- best for acute and chronic paralysis, arthritis, rheumatic troubles, deformities in joints, drawing pain in muscles.all joints and warts are painful, numbness and loss of sensation in hands. Left side sciatica. No control on urine passing. Worse in cold air. Better in wet and warm air

CHAMOMILLA-irritable and restlessness in nature. Pains un-endurable. Associated with numbness. patient is impatient and intolerant. Calmness is opposite to chamomilla behavior. Children are better by being carried. Burning of soles. It controls high fever.

CHALIDONIUM MAJLUS- an important liver remedy. Intense pain in liver and its region. All troubles connected with liver are controlled. Symptoms are withered eyes, get yellow. Weak digestion. Bile complaints. Skin is yellow. It is right side remedy. Neuralgic pain in right head. Right leg, right cheek, right ear, right shoulder, right side bones. Patient feels weak and lethargic, liver enlarged, gall pain and gall stone, urine yellow, stools yellow or white coloured. Unbearable pain in all joints.

CHRYSAROBINUM-a powerful skin remedy. Pain in skin diseases as in ring worm, herpes, acne, fungus, psoriasis etc

CICUTA VEROSA- cramps pain, spasmodic pain, head drawing backward. Back bent backward. Back cannot get straightened

CIMICIFUGA-it is rheumatic and nervous remedy. It also covers cerebral and muscular system of the body. Remedy for crampy pains in nervous patients. Pain is like electric shock in any part of the body. He fears that some bad events will occur in future. No control on talking and dreams. He sometimes hurts himself. Shooting pain in head. Pain are crampy before and during menses. Spine is very sensitive. Stiffness and Pain in neck and back. It especially effect large muscles and joints of the body. Worse by cold. Better by warm.

CINA-a great children remedy. Child is irritable and cries due to warm. Sometimes he eats too much and other he does not eat at all. Grinding of teeth in sleep. Urinates in sleep. Jerks hand and feet in sleep. Great itch and pain in anus. Does not want to be carried after pain in abdomen. he itches nose and bores it with fingers most of the times. Face is pale. Dark rings around eyes and mouth. Sometimes stomach is very hungry. It is very painful if he does not eat immediately. There is lot of saliva coming from mouth in sleep. He talks in sleep.

CHINA(CINCHIONA OFF)-weakness from loss of vital fluids. Pain from gas. No relief from passing it. Intense pain in head and body due to hemorrhage and sex and frequent emissions. Better by pressure and warm room. Worse by eating food and milk. Pain in stomach and abdomen due to gas flatulence. Swelling and pain in liver and spleen. It help in jaundice. Profuse blood in menses and pain. Hemorrhage from lungs, pain in lungs, difficulty in breathing. Great pain in limbs and joints and the ability and weakness due to loss of blood and genital fluids of the body. worse by touch. Better by hard pressure. Mainly it recover gas in middle part of the body.

CISTUS CENADENSIS- remedy for glandular affections. Herpetic eruptions. Chronic swelling. Very sensitive to cold and itching in affected parts

COCCULUS- pain and trouble due to riding and travelling in car, boat, ship, aeroplane etc

COCCUS CACTI- pain and spasms in bladder, kidney. Whooping cough with profuse expectoration or mucus but with great difficulty.

COFFEA CRUDA-pain of joints and muscles. Irritation of kidney, neuralgia in various parts of the body, nervousness, intolerable pain, bad effects of sudden joy and emotions. It antidotes large number of homeopathic preparations

COLLINSONIA-effect rectal part, constipation, special for women’s constipation and painful piles during pregnancy and afterwards. Chronic nasal discharge and chronic catarrh

COLICYNTHIS- develops most of symptoms in pain abdomen and head. Pain better by pressure and bending double and forward. sciatica and shooting pain in hip and leg.

CONIUM- painful stiffness of leg. Troubles in walking. Loss of strength, weakness in sexual activity. controls growth of tumor which are hard. Enlarge and stony glands. Troubles of weakness in old age. Breast and mammary are hard and painful of women.

CORNUS CERCINATA-pain in pit of stomach, chronic malaria, hepatitis, jaundice, liver disease, stomatitis, painful ulcer, burning in mouth and stomach

CRATAEGUS it a great heart tonic. Pain in the region of heart

Lecheses- left side painful
Crotalus-right side painful
It also covers right side paralysis

CROTON TIGLIUM- a great remedy of diarrhea and skin trouble or diarrhea-skin trouble alternates. stools come out forcefully. Stools are totally watery. Urging for stools after or while drinking or eating something. Stinging and burning pains in herpes zoster. Great itching and eruption in skin

CUPRUM MET- spasmodic pain in any part of the body. Giddiness, nausea and vomiting. Useful remedy in epilepsy, tape worms. The pains are increased by motion and touch. Bruised pain in brain and legs. It should be used in brain injury with ARNICA. Taste is metallic, parts of the body feel bruised. It is also a great remedy for spasmodic cough and sprain in muscles, nerves and joints.

DIGITILIS – HEART REMEDY, pain in heart , weak pulse , sensation as if heart will stop. Blue face, jaundice ,stool white , stool clay coloured , worse when sitting erect better while stomach is empty

DIOSCOREA VILLOSA- pain and colic in addition in weak digestive system , flatulence , gallstone colic better till pressure and gets worst after pressure is stopped. Pain suddenly shifts to various parts , fingers , arms , chest , lower extremities. rumbling pain worst by bending forward , stooping forward and lying . COLLOCYENTHYS is better by bending forward that is why it is opposite. Good remedy for angina pain, labored breathing and feeble aching of heart. Sciatica pain worse right side . worse lying or bending or doubling forward. No thirst even when mouth is dry. Eructation sour bitter and hiccough.

DROSERA- pain in tuber glands , hip joints. Best remedy for whooping cough. No thirst . worst by cold. Asthma worse by talking . no thirst in morning. No coughs in morning . hiccoughs in as soon as he is in bed in nights

DULCAMARA – pain in change in weather . days are hot and nights are cold and damp. It works on skin ,glands , digestive system and mucus membrane . rheumatic pain in damp , cold weather. Change of temperature for cold of AC to hot open air. Cutting pain about naval burning thirst for cold water . dry coryza . complete stoppage of nose due to cold and rain . pain and stiffness in back , shoulders , feet , due to vey cold temperature. Pain in warts . herpes Zoroaster. Sensitive ulcer , bleeding ulcers , small boils red spots , urticaria , warts large smooth on face and palms bleed when scratch

EUPATORIUM PERF – bone pain with sourness of flesh with great thirst or weak head ach after lying down

EUPION – pain and cramps in calf and back worse at night. Remedy for uterine displacement

FERRUM MET – pain I teeth better by icy water. Pale face , weakness in body numbness and pain in back, hip joints, heel , toes

FERRUM PHOS – pain in chest due to cough , bronchitis, first stage of all elementary ailments , better by cold application. to Controls blood on guts or wounds, clean them first or sprinkle powder of Ferrum phos on them. The blood will stop and guts will not get worse or pain

FERRUM PICRICUM – painful warts , corn , epithelial growths. Pain in entire urethra . frequent urination or feeling of frequent micturition

GENSEMIUM-desire to lie down like log, wants to rest alone and quiet. paralysis of various muscular parts of the body, legs, throat, chest, larynx, sphincter, extremities. Diarrhea from fair and emotional excitement, bad news, going on stage, going for exam etc. excessive trembling of hands and fingers

GLONOINE- headache from excessive heat or cold. Sciatica pain due to intense cold.sun stroke. Cannot tolerate heat and sun.

GNAPHALIUM – pain associated with numbness, rheumatic pain, sciatica. Numbness alternates with pain. All gouty pain in joints and back

GRAPHITES- suitable to fair, fat persons. Takes cold easily. pain in nape of neck, shoulders, back and limbs. Spinal pain in fingers and toe nails, thick black and rough, brittle, deformed, painful, sore in toe. nails crippled. Nails crack at the end of fingers. Offensive perspiration of feet. Eruptions, wounds, ulcers, oozing out sticky exudate. Very little injury does not cure easily. It suppurates

HEPER SULF-splinter like pain. Worse from cold. Sore throat. Cough with cold. Skin suppurates easily. Heals boils, abscess and pimples.

HYPRICUM- nerve injury. Injury after part is crushed. Pain in fingers, heals. Worse by touch. Lock jaw

HYDRASTITSCAN- pain in glands. Glands swollen. Hardness, ulceration, painful in mouth

IODUM- pain in glands of a man who is thin in spite of he is eating well. Most of the time he is hungry and thirsty. Better by open air. Nightly pain in joints. Rheumatic pain in better by walking in open air.

IRIS VERSE- burning pain after eating in stomach. Acidity after eating

KALI CARB- stretching pain in any part of the body. All Kali pain are sharp and better by motion. Sting pain in fleshy people.

KREOSOTUM- pain in teeth. Decay of teeth. Gums painful, bleeding, spongy. Putrid odour in mouth. Burning and choking sensation

LAC CANIUM- sore throat, diptheria and rheumatism. Erratic pain, alternating pains. Pain shifts from one side to other. Time modality is also changed. Sometimes pain in morning and other time in evening. Pain in upper external and other lower extremities. Better by cold and cold drinks.

LACHESIS- all types of pain in left side. This is a left side remedy. Pain may travel from left side to right side. Worse after sleep. Worse on pressure and hot drinks. Better by warm application

LEDUM- pain from sting of insects. Pain travels from downward to upward. Rheumatic trouble. Pain from punctured wounds, needle wounds or any sharp pointed instrument pierced into body. Pain and cracking in joints. Better by cold application.

LYCOPODIUM- all pains of right side. Pain travels from right side to left side. There must be some digestive or urinary problems in patients. Lyco is thin, withered looking very old person but very intellectual. He is full of gas. His extremities are cold. He is very sensitive to noise . Worse from 4 pm to 8 pm. His digestion is weak. Pain in liver. Sciatica pain on right side. Pain from upward to downward.

MAGNESIA PHOS – spasmodic and cramping pain in body. Relieved by warm application. Worse right side. Neuralgic pain from cold air and water. Still thirst is for cold water. Pain is relieved by pressure. Pain is of flatulent colic. Better by bending double and forward. Gas is passed without any relief. Cough is dry, painful, spasmodic, whooping cough, right side twitching pain in muscles and nerves. Sciatica. Pain, stiffness and numbness in finger tips

MEDORRHINUM- it is a psychotic remedy. It cures suppressed gonorrhea. Chronic rheumatism. Pain intolerable. Nerve is tense, quiver and tingle. Chronic catarrh. Nose dirty. Yellow discharge from nose. Patients feel hopeless, weeps easily. Weak memory, difficult concentration, accompanied by itching and bad odor