Materia Medica of Pain – Part 2

MATERIA MEDICA OF PAIN (broad and essential)

MERCURIUS- it is syphilitic remedy. It covers all spheres of body including bones. Aggravate in night and wet weather. Painful ulcers in mouth. Oily skin. Perspiration fetid

MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS- remedy for tenasmus in rectum, kidney, stomach. Pain burning and Shooting. Pain aggravated in night. Soreness and burning in ulcers. Eyes sore and burning. Pain in ears, root of nose, throat, glands in body. Worse by slight pressure. Cutting pain, tenasmus. Blood may or may not be present in dysentery and diarrhoea

MEZERIUM- pain of various kinds with sensitiveness to cold air. Pain in skin, muscles, joints, teeth, gums, eyes, ears, neck, hip, legs. Headache worse on talking. Worse at night and by touch

NATRUM CARB-chronic effects of sun stroke. Old sprains. Easy dislocation. Spraining of ankles. Soreness, brittle fingers and toes better by motion.

NATRUM MUR- it is a constitutional remedy. All sufferings are worse by consolation. Chronic rheumatic pain in joints. Pain in back relieved by lying on hard bed or floor. Sciatica pain. Jerking of legs cannot sit still. Tingling and numbness in hands, fingers, toes better by rubbing. Pain worse in morning, cold weather, open air. Better in evening

NITRIC ACID-syphilitic and psychotic remedy. Stinging pain. Pain as from splinters. Pain appears and disappears quickly, painful warts, blisters and ulcers in mouth. Bleed easily by pressure. Pain during stool. All discharges are very offensive.

NUX VOMICA-remedy of modern age and sedentary life and style. A man is thin, irritable but active. Takes rich and stimulant food

OLEANDER- its main field of action is skin, heart and nervous system. Pain in head, brain. Worse by heat. Eruption on scalp , behind the ears. Great itching in edge of hair. Great hunger and thirst. Palpitation with empty feeling in chest. Feels weakness, Dyspnoea, Feet cold, stiffness in joints

OPIUM- this is painless medicine. Therefore it is not used for pain. In this remedy body feels heavily and sleepy. Diseases appear from fright.

PETROLEUM- pain in chronic sprains. Knees stiff. Painful cracking. Tips of fingers cracked and bleed. Worse in winters. Herpes, eczema, psoriasis all worse in winters.

PHOSPHORIC ACID- mental and physical debility, loss of vital fluids cause several diseases . Diabetes. Pain and cramps in joints. Semen discharge is much. Thirst for cold water. Frequent urination in night. Falling of hair. Premature whiteness of hair. Spasmodic dry cough. Psychotic remedy.

PHOSPHORUS- shooting pain due to loss of animal fluids in men having body tall, thin, narrow chest, transparent skin. Easily waxed. Gets fear easily. Bleeding from nose. Thirst for very cold water. Region of stomach painful to touch. Very hungry. Fatty degeneration – very fatty stool and flatus. Bleeding haemorrhoids. Arms and hand become numb. Cannot hold anything with hands. Wounds bleed easily. They heel and bleed again. Likes cold . dislikes hot and warm. Should not be given in low potencies and repeated doses. It is inimical to COSTICUM.

PHYTOLACCA- it is essentially a glandular remedy. Pain, burning, restlessness due to glands. Sore throat, quinsy, follicular pharyngitis. Pain at the root of throat extending to ear. Diphtheria in fat persons. It decreases obesity and weight. Shooting pain in right side in shoulder. Stiffness in raising arms. Pain flies like electric shocks. Shifting rapidly. Aching of heels. Swelling of heals. Syphilitic eruptions. Veneral baboos. Warts and moles

PLANTAGO- pain in teeth and ear. it is used externally and locally as MOTHER TINCTURE.

PLATINA- pain increase and decrease gradually like STANNUM. The patient is arrogant and proud and does not like others. Cramping pain in head. Numbness and coldness in parts of the body. Abnormal sexual desire. Pain in umbilical region, back, pelvis. Ravenous hunger. Generally it is called a woman remedy. Pain better by walking. Worse by sitting or standing.

PLUMBUM MET- local neuralgic pain. It works best on blood, alimentary system and nervous system, mental depression, fear of being assassinated. Excessive colic in stomach and abdomen. Constipation. Pain in right big toe at night. Sensitive to touch. Better by rubbing, hard pressure and physical movement

PODO PHYLLIUM- colitis. Stool is white, watery, jelly like with colicky pain

PSORINIUM- psoric remedy. Patient feels cold in warm weather. All discharges are offensive. Pain when hungry. Hungry at night. Must eat something. Pain in abdomen after eating. Intolerable itching. Better by warm and worse by cold.

PULSATILLA- it suits to women of changing mood, chilly, likes open air. Weeps while talking and telling symptoms. Wants sympathy. Highly emotional. Feels extreme pleasure and pain. Pain in stomach due to eating fat food or stale food. Food poisoning. Pain from flatulence and heart burn. Thirstlessness. Pain comes and goes. Shifts rapidly in different parts. External heat is intolerable. Likes cold and open air.

PYROGENIUM- pain due to septic condition . all discharges are horribly offensive. Cutting pain in bladder, rectum. Injury gets throbbing pain and becomes septic.

RADIUM- severe pain all over body. Better by motion. Pain in rheumatic trouble. Gout, arthritis. Depressed, feels weak and afraid of being alone in darkness. Desires company of the people. Pain and violent cramps, rumbling, full of gas. Sharp pains in joints, large or small, worse at night.

RATANHIA- great burning pain before and after stool. Pain in rectum. Relieved by cold water. Haemorrhoids and fissures in anus. Constriction and burning like fire. Pin worms. Itching in anus.

RHUS TOX – all pains worse by rest and better by motion. It is opposite to BRYNIA. Worse during sleep., cold rainy weather. Better in dry and warm weather

RUMEX- pains anywhere and anytime. No fix time or point. Worse by cold and uncovering. Mainly a cough remedy.

RUTA- pain due to sprains after ARNICA. Pain in eyes after strain due to sewing, reading small letters. Pain in Spine, limbs, thighs and hips due wrong posture and stretching of limbs

SANGUINARIA- it is right side remedy. Pain at root of nose. headache from sunrise to sunset. Dryness of respiratory tract. Burning sensation in palm and soles and all over the body. Pain in right side. Better by rest and sleep

SARSAPARILLA- urinary trouble. Renal colic. Pain while and after urination. obstruction with or without pain.

SECALE COR- menstrual colic, irregular and continuous blood, thin and dark in colour. Remedy specially for old women, shrivelled skin. Thin and old looking. Haemorrhages continues, thin, watery black colour. Better from cold. Too much heat is felt. Thirst is excessive. Nose bleed. Dark coloured blood. Dyspnoea and cramping in chest. Icy coldness of extremities.

CARBO VEG-patient is fat , weak, sluggish, has chronicity to his complaints, wants fanning, lower in spirits, body is cold, head is hot. Body becomes blue and sometimes cold. Desire much air, open windows. Body is weak, gets cold sweat. Has never recovered from past illness. Everything he eats turns into gas. Head feels hot and heavy. Eructation, heaviness, fullness in abdomen, sleepiness. Flatulence in upper part, worse by lying down. Eructation and flatulence are putrid. Pain in chest due to gas. Food putrefies before it is digested. pain troubles start after half an hour after eating . milk, meat and fat food disagree. Epigastria region sensitive. Pain in stomach, liver, chest due to gas. Pain after stools. Piles sore and painful. Extremities cold. Morning and evening cough with or without expectoration

CAUSTICUM- best for acute and chronic paralysis, arthritis, rheumatic troubles, deformities in joints, drawing pain in muscles.all joints and warts are painful, numbness and loss of sensation in hands. Left side sciatica. No control on urine passing. Worse in cold air. Better in wet and warm air

CHAMOMILLA-irritable and restlessness in nature. Pains un-endurable. Associated with numbness. patient is impatient and intolerant. Calmness is opposite to chamomilla behavior. Children are better by being carried. Burning of soles. It controls high fever.

CHALIDONIUM MAJLUS- an important liver remedy. Intense pain in liver and its region. All troubles connected with liver are controlled. Symptoms are withered eyes, get yellow. Weak digestion. Bile complaints. Skin is yellow. It is right side remedy. Neuralgic pain in right head. Right leg, right cheek, right ear, right shoulder, right side bones. Patient feels weak and lethargic, liver enlarged, gall pain and gall stone, urine yellow, stools yellow or white coloured. Unbearable pain in all joints.

CHRYSAROBINUM-a powerful skin remedy. Pain in skin diseases as in ring worm, herpes, acne, fungus, psoriasis etc

CICUTA VEROSA- cramps pain, spasmodic pain, head drawing backward. Back bent backward. Back cannot get straightened

SELENIUM- prostates and sexual impotency, excessive tea taking aggravation.

SENEGR- pain in chest and back while coughing. Chest oppressed. Pain in raising of tough expectoration and mucus in aged persons.

SENNA- gas with colic of children. Constipation

SEPIA- mainly a woman remedy. Acts specially on portal system. Tendency to abortion. Pain in heels and legs and back. All pains rise from below to upward. Hot fleshes at menopause. Also chills perspiration. Feel cold even in warm room. Washing aggravates. Uterine remedy. Feels as if ball will come out. Prolapse of uterus and vagina are all painful.

SILICEA- diseases of bones. stools come with difficulty, partly expelled and partly recedes. Sometimes like to be removed with finger. patient is cold, likes to sit near fire. Feels worse in winter. Silicea ripens abscess in low potency, expels pus in higher potency and doses. It works better in painful fistula, fissures and piles.

SPIGELIA- important remedy for pericarditis. Stabbing pain in heart, nerves, head, eyes. Very sensitive to touch. Remedy for effecting worms. Heart palpitation, dyspnoea and vertigo. Must lie on right side with head high. Spigelia is chronic of ARNICA.

STANNUM- pains come and go gradually. It is a remedy for chronic bronchial and pulmonary conditions. Fingers jerk when holding anything. Pain better by hard pressure. Better by coughing and expelling expectoration

STAPHYSAGRIA- pain after extraction of tooth. Lacerated tissues. ill effects of anger and irritation and ill effects of sexual access.

SULPHUR- it is a great antipsoric remedy. When any remedy is not working, it is given so that the remedy concerns may work fully. This remedy is for all type of pain and burning and itching in the skin. Patient does not want washing and wants to remain dirty. Discharges smell badly. It is better to start with chronic diseases and conclude with SULPHUR in acute diseases.

SYMPHYTUM- a remedy for pain where there is delay or non union of fracture. Pricking pain and soreness for periosetum. It is also used as MOTHER TINTURE externally on skin and ulcers and bone injury.

SYPHILINIUM- it is a great remedy as nosode of syphilis in disease. painful ulceration, abscess in mouth, nose and genitals. Sciatica pain, shoulder pain, joints pain, bone pain all worse in night. Better during day.

TABACUM- pain in heart, angina pain, angina pectoris, legs and hands cold and tremble with great weakness

TARENTULA CUBENSES- septic pain, pimples and burning pain, sting pain, unbearable pain, pain of death or death like. Soothes the least string in itching.

TECURIUM- pain at the root of nose. Mucus, polypus. Great uneasiness due to foul breath. Stopping of nostrils. Pain all over the body with offensive discharge. Back pain. back very sensitive. Worse by rest and touch. Dry cough with sometimes expectoration perfused. Pain in finger tips and toe tips.

THUJA- very important psychotic remedy. Its main action is on skin and genital-urinary infections suppressed or otherwise gonorrhoea. Psychotic pain, warts. Pain worse at rest, In damp, cold weather. Better in dry weather. Bleeding or non bleeding growth, tumors, ill effects of vaccination. Left side and chilly medicines. Painful white blisters on tip of tongue or side and roots of tongue. Severe cutting pain after micturition. Pain in leg and foot while walking

VARATUM ALBUM- the main feature of this drug is prostration patient goes in prolapsed condition. Pain may be due to vomits and diarrhoea. Cold extremities, cold sweats, pain in abdomen, drinks water, feels thirsty but cannot retain water. May be hungry but cannot eat as he vomits whatever he eats. Stools are watery and uncontrollable. Pain and cramps in legs, joints. Perspiration and coldness as if he is going to die.

VIBURNUM OPRILUS- a remedy for female symptoms. A general remedy for cramps, pain in pelvis, in sexual organs and ovaries. pain of uterine origin and false labour pains. Prevents pain in miscarriage. Painful menses, late scanty, last for few hours.

VARATUM VERIDE- pain in neck. Cannot hold head up. Convulsive twitching of facial muscles, sun stroke, face flushed, vertigo, nausea, pain like electric shocks in limbs.

VERBASCUM- cramp like pain in lower extremities. Thumb feels numb. [its oil]Mullion oil drops can be used externally for ear pain.

VIVLA ODORATA- rheumatic pain in upper part and on right side of the body. Pain due to uterine fibroid. Burning or pain of forehead especially above eye brows. Worse in cold air.

VISCUM ALBUM-rheumatic and gouty and neuralgic pain. Sciatica pain, spinal pain due to uterine problem. Shooing pain in both thighs. Pain alternate in knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows.

WYETHIA- great remedy for pharyngitis and itching in throat and posterior nares. Pain in back extends to whole spine. Stiffness and pain in wrist and hand, may cover the whole body.

ZINCUM MET- brain depressed. Chronic diseases of brain fag and spinal symptoms. Marked weakness, lameness, twitching and trembling of various muscles. Stinging and aching pain of spine, neck, shoulders. Feels weary. Feet in continuous motion while sitting. Cannot keep legs still. Soles of the feet sensitive. Pain worse between 5 Pm and 7 Pm. Feels better by discharge and eruption in skin. Better while eating.

ZINGIBER-pain and heaviness in stomach due to eating melons and drinking impure water. Controls acidity, colic loose motion and diarrhoea, haemorrhoids are felt hot, sore and painful. Anus is inflamed.