Intelligent Scaling is an outcome of an effort which has taken years to experience to design a proper system of getting success through education or in education. This test is design to diagnose the exact status of the student so that he/she can improve and achieve the desired success level.

BMT (Brain Mapping Test)

BMT is designed for students of 8th class

BMT includes:-
 Test of language- Writing skills, Grammar skills, Verbal Skills, Presentation Skills.
2. Analytical Skills.
3. Mathematical Skills.
4.Subject Skill- Scientific Aptitude (to check Cramming Power & Date Interpretation) & Business Aptitude (to check Economics & General Business attitude).
5. Personalized test reports.

Pathshala This progarmme is designed especially for 11th & 12th students and an aptitude test is taken to judge the level of understanding and accordingly, on the basis of individual reports or individual level.

5 different options are available for the students-

1. Science – IIT (Engineering)
                – Medical
                – Pure Sciences                                

2. Commerce – Finance
                        – General Management                                

These programmes are available in schools or at our students care centers. Integrated programme for New JEE, NEET and Competitive exams preparation simultaneously.