Training Facilities

Facilities to be provided during the Training:

GNET has already on its way to have state of art kitchen equipments/appliances to be used in its modular kitchen having capacity to accommodate sufficient numbers of its trainees, fully AC study rooms, rich library with loads of study material on the subject apart from having prominent faculty/guest faculty who are globally trained to provide world class training to it students in the art of hospitality Industry. Most of our faculty members regularly attend workshops organized by various international institutions/star hotels to be abreast with the changes to the hospitality and Hotel Industry thus bring professionalism, modern technology and academics at par with operations.

Medical check-ups:
GNET has arrangement for periodical medical checkups of its trainees to identify any physical problem as a precaution so that all trainees in catering Industry handling food and coming in direct contact with the guest may be in health.

Blood Group:
Blood grouping shall be indicated on the Identity cards of all our trainees for the purpose of any emergency.

According to norms of the scheme, students shall be bound to show 90% attendance in the class and/or in practical. This will be strictly adhered to, to ensure maximum learning by attending classes, academics proficiency and to acquire good results.

Identity Cards:
The trainees shall be issued identify cards at the beginning of the session which they shall be required to preserve with utmost care as it can be asked to produce whilst in study room/attending training programes outside in restaurants/hotels. The identity card shall have blood group of each and every trainee issued to them.

Canteen Facilities:
GNET has enough provision to provide its trainees with tea/lunch etc as per norms laid down in the scheme.

Outdoor Catering:
GNET is planning to undertake providing of personnel for outdoor catering services at different Hotels as nominated accordingly to encourage the trainees to develop the skill of situation handling, team work, execution, attitude and knowledge about banquet services in Star Hotels, held for important and esteemed guests.

Infrastructure for the Training Programme:
GNET is developing various departments within its training centre viz well equipped separate kitchen, restaurant, bakery unit, Housekeeping, laundry, front office lab, computer lab and Library. It has ample arrangements with start hotels, bakeries, chain of global restaurants to depute its trainees for getting experience of world class service standards and etiquettes. At present GNET has an open space of around 2000 sqft. Which can be customized as per the needs of program. Apart from Delhi, We also propose to start the program at Kashipur, Uttrakhand and Kota, Rajasthan. We have around 1500 sq ft. space at both the places and also running successful programs in association with MARKSMAN, a coaching institute.

As per provisions laid down in the scheme a trainee with minimum attendance of 90% will be paid a lump sum stipend of Rs.1500/- in respect of Food & Beverage course and Rs.2000/- in respect of Food production course.

The trainee with minimum attendance of 90% will be required to appear in an end of the course test and those who pass it successfully will be awarded joint certificate of the UT Admn. Delhi and GNET.

Employment Facilitation:
GNET with the help of UT admin. Will make conscious efforts to facilitate employment of the pass outs from the program. In this direction GNET shall make all out efforts to organise campus recruitments by the stake holders in the trade.